Hello Bloggers, I’m still here

The past two weeks have been hectic, I seem to have been constantly on the run with something or other and yet on reflection, none of it was of any great importance.


Last weekend OH and I worked in the garden till we ached all over but a big tree pruning job is now complete and all the cut wood stacked for fire wood. Tomorrow we are going wine tasting, the weather does not look like it will be warm but at least it will be a break from chores.


On a completely different note I have just finished reading JM Coetzee’s “Disgrace”. I am astounded that this work won a prize (can’t remember exactly which one). What a depressing read, the main character is a sorry excuse for a man if there ever was one and the author portrays South Africa as a country without hope or any redeeming features. This book also has the most unsatisfactory abrupt ending I have ever come across. It’s almost like Coetzee said to himself “that’s it, I’m done” and just stopped writing.


The weather in Cape Town is foul today, although we do need the rain. Our two water tanks both filled to overflowing in a matter of hours. Ozzy and Milo have their beds in front of the fire and for them life could not get better.

A glass of red wine and a slab of chocolate would make my life a lot better right now 😉


14 thoughts on “Hello Bloggers, I’m still here

  1. Hello my friend, It is a busy time of year indeed. I do hope by now you have had that glass of wine and some fine chocolate.
    I loved your book review and will skip that read. Thank you. It is true any knowledge of your SA I can gain would be enrichment I’d adore, but not from a read that shadows your home. Have any you would suggest optie?

    Hope the sun is shining on you and OH today… and your fur babies. ~

    • Hi BB, a few bottles of wine and slabs of chocolate have been disposed of recently, being winter one tends not to worry about the damage it does until it’s too late 😉
      There is loads of SA literature available but I’ll need to think about what to recommend. Are you on Goodreads?

  2. One wonders why it is considered so ‘clever’ to write these novels about the useless lives of useless individuals and then leave the whole thing suspended.
    Puh-lease keep your weather down there, and don’t let any escape our way!

    • Indeed, I think I read that Coetzee has left the country, Australia is I remember the correctly. Maybe he was trying to justify his decision to leave when writing the book.
      Miserable weather set to stay from tomorrow for the week so you’re safe 🙂

  3. Pets always have the best life as they don`t have our worries. As for books i just finished a book called ” The 50 people who stuffed up South Africa “. I found it quite amusing and all the drawings were done by Zapiro, it is worth a read, but I was lucky and got it from the library as I don`t think I would have bought it. As for gardening, that has become a daily thing since moving in here in March. Although we are eating some of the veg already and have so many flower seedling it looks like a nursery.

    • I’d like to read that book Leo, must look out for it. Our garden is still too damp and wet to do much more than prune and plan – just don’t get enough sun.

  4. Your weather really sounds like winter. Ozzy and Milo have the right idea. I haven’t read the book, but thanks for the warning. Wine and chocolate is always a great pick-me-up. 🙂

  5. I read ‘Disgrace’ years ago whilst living on a remote farm in the OFS. It scared the …. out of me. Parts of it were my worst nightmare and has to be the most depressing book I have ever read.

  6. Well done on the gardening job!
    Maybe there’ll be gluhwein to drink to warm you up tomorrow.
    We can do with a bit more rain in KZN, not the spit and spot we sometimes get.

    It’s a dog’s life for Ozzy and Milo, isn’t it.

    Cheers! (for when you get to the wine and chocolate)

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