Doing something new

Yesterday we visited Intaka Island, a bird sanctury at Century City and took a boat ride around the Island and to Canal Walk Shopping Centre and back.

It was very interesting to see the conservation effort being made at the bird sanctury to to hear how the water in the canals and ponds is multi-filtered water from the Postdam Sewerage Farm. It passes through numerous ponds with different aquatic life and plants before it enters the canal system and although it is not suitable for drinking it is clean enough to sustain life for the birds and water plants.

Two old locomotives at the entrance to Intaka Island


It was almost like being on a narrowboat again!

They say the penthouses in the “bridge” section vibrate and sway in high winds – not for me thank you!

A stunning pedestrian bridge connecting the Crystal Towers hotel with Canal Walk Shopping Centre

Looking back towards the city with Table Mountain in the background

Discovery Health’s building, note the colour of the building reflected in the water. Now you can see where your premiums go!

Table Mountain, Canal Walk and Knightsbrige Apartment complex framed by a cut-out in the bird hide

1344The houses along the canals are in the R3 to R5 million bracket so we won’t be moving there anytime soon.


The main waterfront plaza at Canal Walk Shopping Centre with restaurants all around.


Because it was the middle of the day we did not see any birds other than those in the water. There is so much construction going on at Century City that even in the bird sanctuary the noise was constant. I bet those birds are going to be very relieved when the builders finally push off.

Have a great weekend Blogpeeps.