Blasted out of shops

Why do we have shops? Is it just to create employment or to provide their customers with goods and services?

I ask because more and more I find myself driven out of shops because of the awful loud music assaulting my ears. I’ve come to the conclusion that the music is to keep the staff happy and too bad if the customers find it unbearable.


Yesterday I was shopping for a gift at the Waterfront, two out of the three shops specialising in soaps, lotions and pamper treatments were pumping club style music into their shops. In the first shop I could not hear what the sales assistant was saying and asked for the music to be turned down, she went away and came back asking if it was better but there was no discernable difference so I walked out. I just walked in and out of the other shop when I heard the same type of loud music blaring away. I would have thought that soothing music would be a more appropriate choice for their product range but the music is clearly for the benefit of the young staff not their more mature customers.

Not everyone has perfect hearing and loud background noises make it difficult for people with hearing aids as well. And that goes for screaming kids too. I am not against kids in restaurants, just those whose screeches have the ability to shatter crystal at 5 metres. If you have that type of kid please don’t inflict him or her on other diners, some of us actually want to have a conversation with our dining companions without your little darling’s accompaniment, trust me, it’s not music to our ears!

While on a retail rant, our local PnP has drawn criticism and complaints for months on Facebook for a variety of reasons –stock availability, rude staff, even ruder shelf packers, cleanliness, the list goes on. Every complaint receives the same auto response about how our business is important to them and our complaints will be investigated. Nearly a year later nothing has changed and more and more people are shopping elsewhere. Lower demand leads to even lower stock levels and more stock outs and more complaints. I seriously wonder if there is anyone in management there with a couple of brain cells and the will to actually sort this Cinderella store out.


How do you handle invites?

Dinner Party

What would you do if you invited friends to your home for a meal/braai and they said they will check with their partner and get back to you but you still have not heard from them on the day the invite was for?  And this was not the first time they had not responded to an invite – would you

a.            follow up with them

b.            assume they are coming

c.            assume they are not coming and make other plans

I would be interested to hear if this has happened to anyone else, and if so how they handled it.

In my case I opted for (c) but they arrived anyway. I had nothing prepared and to cut a long story short they left again.

When we receive an invite the answer is a prompt and courteous yes or no.  If there is any doubt that we can make it I’d rather say no thank you than keep someone hanging on as they might want to invite others in our place.

I am rather used to business invites being treated with indifference but I expect more from my friends. Can’t help feeling really disillusioned about this at the moment.

Boerassic Park

We went wine tasting in at Cloof Estate near Darling on Saturday and after enjoying a number of wines and a Ploughman’s Platter we popped into Darling to revisit Pieter Dirk Uys’ “Evita se Peron” (Evita’s platform for non-SA readers). Pieter Dirk Uys is a well known satirist, the previous Apartheid Regime provided no shortage of material for his shows and the current ANC government produces it in spades.   His alter-ego Evita Bezuidenhout features in all his shows. He has established his own little theatre and restaurant in Darling in old railway station buildings. The decor is eccentric, funny, and irreverant – there are no “holy cows” at Evita’s Peron.

So join me in a visit to Boerassic Park and the “Old South Africa”



I am so glad these signs are a thing of the past



Imagine the pain of having to tell your children they are the wrong colour to play in the park

151Here he is “Die Groot Krokodil” PW Botha – that bottom lip and a waving finger made him instantly recognisable in Pieter Dirk Uys’ sketches.

156But the current crop of politicians and their associates don’t escape ridicule either. Here is Winnie Mandela in the bath.

144And Alan Boesak, a corrupt womaniser and ex man of the cloth with his “ball and chain”



Lastly ex President Thabo Mbeki on his private jet



Strangely Zuma, aka Showerhead does not feature yet, probably can’t make up their minds which aspect of his character to portray 😉

Thank goodness for Pieter Dirk Uys who gave us something to laugh at in the dark days of Apartheid. The current bunch are not spared either and hopefully they will laugh at themselves like the old Nats did who were quite fond of PDU and quite proud to be the subject of one of his sketches.





Understanding Introverts

I previously did a post on Extroverts and Introverts because I am most definitely an introvert. I like people but in small doses. Communal living would be my idea of hell. I guard my personal space and value having time to myself. So when I came across this rather clever explanation of Introverts I thought I would share it.


I think it sums us Introverts up rather well. What do you all think?

Irritating Edgars – Grrrrrrrrr ……


Yesterday afternoon 2.40 pm while I was busy in the office my mobile rang, a Johannesburg no. appeared on my screen and I answered. A lady, whose first language was not English wanted to know how I was. I asked who was calling and she said she was calling on behalf of Edgars and could she take a few minutes to tell me about some special offer. I said no, it is not a good time as I am busy.

At 4.21 pm she started calling again, by them I was busy in the kitchen so I did not answer but responded with a text saying that I was busy. Between then and 5.31 she called again 5 times, each time I responded with a text saying that I was busy except for the last call because by then my patience has run its course and I just cut the call then blocked all further calls from that number. She might have called again and again yesterday but at least I was not being bothered.

This morning at 8.45 am the calls started again but from a different Johannesburg number. At that point Ozzy, Milo and I were having our all important bonding session so I cut the call.  I assume that she then called my office and home lines in quick succession none of which I answered.

At 10.46 she called again, I answered and told her that I was not interested in whatever it is she is trying to sell me and to please stop calling me.


Does Edgars really condone harassing their customers to this extent? This experience has put me off Edgars even more, their shops have nothing I want to buy, there is never anyone to assist you, should you find something you might like you have to stand in a forever queue to try it on and then another forever queue to pay for it. Their customer service SUCKS!


Not going back to Edgars – EVER!

Extrovert vs Introvert

I identify so closely with these definitions of an introvert. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just prefer them in small doses! I don’t like my personal space invaded too often for too long. I don’t enjoy spending time with shallow people who have nothing interesting to say or people who are just out to impress.

What category do you fall into? Can we define ourselves that simply? My guess is that most of us are a combination of the two with a tendency to lean more towards one than the other.

Extrovert vs introvert