Boerassic Park

We went wine tasting in at Cloof Estate near Darling on Saturday and after enjoying a number of wines and a Ploughman’s Platter we popped into Darling to revisit Pieter Dirk Uys’ “Evita se Peron” (Evita’s platform for non-SA readers). Pieter Dirk Uys is a well known satirist, the previous Apartheid Regime provided no shortage of material for his shows and the current ANC government produces it in spades.   His alter-ego Evita Bezuidenhout features in all his shows. He has established his own little theatre and restaurant in Darling in old railway station buildings. The decor is eccentric, funny, and irreverant – there are no “holy cows” at Evita’s Peron.

So join me in a visit to Boerassic Park and the “Old South Africa”



I am so glad these signs are a thing of the past



Imagine the pain of having to tell your children they are the wrong colour to play in the park

151Here he is “Die Groot Krokodil” PW Botha – that bottom lip and a waving finger made him instantly recognisable in Pieter Dirk Uys’ sketches.

156But the current crop of politicians and their associates don’t escape ridicule either. Here is Winnie Mandela in the bath.

144And Alan Boesak, a corrupt womaniser and ex man of the cloth with his “ball and chain”



Lastly ex President Thabo Mbeki on his private jet



Strangely Zuma, aka Showerhead does not feature yet, probably can’t make up their minds which aspect of his character to portray 😉

Thank goodness for Pieter Dirk Uys who gave us something to laugh at in the dark days of Apartheid. The current bunch are not spared either and hopefully they will laugh at themselves like the old Nats did who were quite fond of PDU and quite proud to be the subject of one of his sketches.






Anarchy in the Western Cape


This is not a good signFor the benefit of my overseas readers a brief background to this post: The Western Cape is in the hands of the Democratic Alliance and Cape Town is a well run, clean and beautiful city. However instead of being held up as an example of local government excellence the ANC is employing underhand tactics to sabotage the city ahead of the general elections next year.

There have been 12 documented incidents of faeces flinging – at Cape Town International Airport, on the steps of the Provincial Legislature and other locations – all of which caught on CCTV as well as by the press who appear to have been tipped off in advance because they have been on site before the “you know what hit the fan”. Also present have been the police, largely in an observer capacity, because they say it’s no use arresting the culprits because they have a “legitimate” grievance and they will just do it again!

The culprits are widely known, they are leaders in the ANC Youth League and their communities and openly boast of their exploits on Facebook yet no action is taken against them. This begs the question just who are the police force “serving and protecting”?

Almost daily major roads are blocked with burning tyres by gangs of thugs protesting about something and stoning passing vehicles. All the police do is close off the roads thus inconveniencing the law abiding citizens of this province and allowing the “protesters” free rein.

Zuma & Malema

Yesterday a mob armed with pangas, knives and sticks boarded a train into Cape Town and were allowed to proceed unchecked to a construction site in Bree Street where they ordered the workers off the site, caused substantial damage to vehicles and property and (unconfirmed) caused one of the site managers to have a heart attack.

Bree Street

This same mob was then afforded unhindered public transport back to the Crossroads area where they overturned and set light to a truck and stoned passing vehicles.

Burning truck

Where else in the world would a mob armed with weapons be allowed to travel on public transport, illegally enter a building site, damage property and simply leave without any police intervention?

It is no secret that the ANC is trying to make the Cape ungovernable in order to win it back from the DA next year but the level of violence and anarchy is not compatible with a democratic election.

If no action is taken against these rioters the violence will only escalate in the months leading up to the election and many areas of Cape Town will become “no go” areas.

Hello Bloggers, I’m still here

The past two weeks have been hectic, I seem to have been constantly on the run with something or other and yet on reflection, none of it was of any great importance.


Last weekend OH and I worked in the garden till we ached all over but a big tree pruning job is now complete and all the cut wood stacked for fire wood. Tomorrow we are going wine tasting, the weather does not look like it will be warm but at least it will be a break from chores.


On a completely different note I have just finished reading JM Coetzee’s “Disgrace”. I am astounded that this work won a prize (can’t remember exactly which one). What a depressing read, the main character is a sorry excuse for a man if there ever was one and the author portrays South Africa as a country without hope or any redeeming features. This book also has the most unsatisfactory abrupt ending I have ever come across. It’s almost like Coetzee said to himself “that’s it, I’m done” and just stopped writing.


The weather in Cape Town is foul today, although we do need the rain. Our two water tanks both filled to overflowing in a matter of hours. Ozzy and Milo have their beds in front of the fire and for them life could not get better.

A glass of red wine and a slab of chocolate would make my life a lot better right now 😉

Advertisers, who’s your target market?

The latest television advertisement for Handy Andy Cream has me wondering who the product’s target market actually is. If they are aiming the product at pre-teens then their message might still be credible but most adult women know that fairy tales are just that … fairy tales.

What woman wants a prince on horseback to arrive at her castle and show her how to clean it? For heaven’s sake, an adult woman can find better use for a prince on horseback, like most women she has probably already kissed her fair share of frogs.

And then there’s the Comfort Fabric Softener advert with all those silly animated people floating around blissfully because their clothes smell so good even after hours and hours of wear … Really?

I know that in these enlightened times it’s not just women who do housework and laundry but I don’t think these ads were aimed at men either.

So do the advertising intelligentsia really believe that woman make purchase decisions based on such inane adverts or do they think our pre-teen children tell us what to buy?

Then there’s the totally ridiculous advertisement for something I cannot remember because the irritation level of the ad blocks out the message where the little boy in the back seat of the car loses his ice cream from the cone and his mother says “Don’t worry Nunu, mommy will just have to buy a new car”!

I definitely build up resistance to the brands that insult my intelligence in this way and I am sure I am not alone.

The ad agencies who get paid mega bucks to come up with these really pathetic attempts at marketing should hang their heads in shame.

I tried to find Youtube videos of these ads but they have not even made it there.

Are we living in a state of anarchy?

These are the main stories on News 24 today. What depressing reading they make. What does it say about our beautiful country? And how long before we are a completely failed nation? No respect for life, private property, authority, education and a corrupt government run by criminals and fraudsters.

When I read headlines like this I don’t even want to read any further. I just wish I lived somewhere else.

Girl’s attackers ‘drank her blood’

30 minutes ago

The family of a murdered West Rand schoolgirl have told of their horror at hearing that her killers had drunk blood from her body after stabbing her.


28 arrested for hijacking building

30 minutes ago

A group of 28 people who ignored a court order instructing them to leave a building in Jeppestown have been arrested, the Hawks say.


33 arrested for illegal mining

2013-03-06 07:41

The Hawks say 33 men have been arrested for illegal mining at Sibanye Gold Mine on the West Rand after being discovered underground by mine security guards.


Man jailed for hijacking, killing woman

2013-03-06 07:41

A man has been sentenced to life imprisonment after he used a young girl to stop a motorist, whom he then hijacked, robbed and murdered, Eastern Cape police say.


Teen appears for murder of classmate

2013-03-05 20:55

A 15-year-old girl accused of fatally stabbing another teen has appeared in the Randfontein Magistrate’s Court.


5 provinces on textbook shame list

2013-03-05 20:54

Limpopo is not the only province with shortages of textbooks and stationery in schools, the department of basic education has told Parliament.


ACDP: Teacher assault immoral

2013-03-05 22:27

The reported assaults on a Western Cape school teacher were “immoral behaviour”, the ACDP says.


MEC, 5 co-accused get bail in murder case

2013-03-05 22:28

A North West MEC and 5 other suspects accused of murdering ANC official Obuti Chika have been granted bail in the Klerksdorp Magistrate’s Court.