10 year drives while Dad drinks

This report from News24 today:

Bloemfontein – Traffic officials couldn’t believe their eyes when they pulled over a car and found it was being driven by a 10-year-old boy.

Volksblad reported on Tuesday that the boy’s father was sitting next to him, drinking a beer.

A baby was also in the car at the time.

A traffic department spokesperson said officers noticed the Toyota Corolla was driving erratically in Bloemfontein on Saturday and pulled it over.  

The boy was apparently sitting on a cushion, and was not wearing a seatbelt.

According to Volksblad, the father told officials that the child wanted to drive, and he had agreed.

The father was fined R1 000 for allowing a minor to drive without a licence, and a further R750 because the car’s licence had expired. The car was impounded until the fines were paid.

The spokesperson told Volksblad that the father’s actions were highly irresponsible, as he was showing his son it was okay to drink and drive and drive without a licence.

Some people just should not be allowed to breed and keep passing on the “stupid gene”.

But even more alarming to those that still retain a modicum of common sense is that the fine is nothing more than a “slap on the wrist”.


Anarchy in the Western Cape


This is not a good signFor the benefit of my overseas readers a brief background to this post: The Western Cape is in the hands of the Democratic Alliance and Cape Town is a well run, clean and beautiful city. However instead of being held up as an example of local government excellence the ANC is employing underhand tactics to sabotage the city ahead of the general elections next year.

There have been 12 documented incidents of faeces flinging – at Cape Town International Airport, on the steps of the Provincial Legislature and other locations – all of which caught on CCTV as well as by the press who appear to have been tipped off in advance because they have been on site before the “you know what hit the fan”. Also present have been the police, largely in an observer capacity, because they say it’s no use arresting the culprits because they have a “legitimate” grievance and they will just do it again!

The culprits are widely known, they are leaders in the ANC Youth League and their communities and openly boast of their exploits on Facebook yet no action is taken against them. This begs the question just who are the police force “serving and protecting”?

Almost daily major roads are blocked with burning tyres by gangs of thugs protesting about something and stoning passing vehicles. All the police do is close off the roads thus inconveniencing the law abiding citizens of this province and allowing the “protesters” free rein.

Zuma & Malema

Yesterday a mob armed with pangas, knives and sticks boarded a train into Cape Town and were allowed to proceed unchecked to a construction site in Bree Street where they ordered the workers off the site, caused substantial damage to vehicles and property and (unconfirmed) caused one of the site managers to have a heart attack.

Bree Street

This same mob was then afforded unhindered public transport back to the Crossroads area where they overturned and set light to a truck and stoned passing vehicles.

Burning truck

Where else in the world would a mob armed with weapons be allowed to travel on public transport, illegally enter a building site, damage property and simply leave without any police intervention?

It is no secret that the ANC is trying to make the Cape ungovernable in order to win it back from the DA next year but the level of violence and anarchy is not compatible with a democratic election.

If no action is taken against these rioters the violence will only escalate in the months leading up to the election and many areas of Cape Town will become “no go” areas.

Irritating Edgars – Grrrrrrrrr ……


Yesterday afternoon 2.40 pm while I was busy in the office my mobile rang, a Johannesburg no. appeared on my screen and I answered. A lady, whose first language was not English wanted to know how I was. I asked who was calling and she said she was calling on behalf of Edgars and could she take a few minutes to tell me about some special offer. I said no, it is not a good time as I am busy.

At 4.21 pm she started calling again, by them I was busy in the kitchen so I did not answer but responded with a text saying that I was busy. Between then and 5.31 she called again 5 times, each time I responded with a text saying that I was busy except for the last call because by then my patience has run its course and I just cut the call then blocked all further calls from that number. She might have called again and again yesterday but at least I was not being bothered.

This morning at 8.45 am the calls started again but from a different Johannesburg number. At that point Ozzy, Milo and I were having our all important bonding session so I cut the call.  I assume that she then called my office and home lines in quick succession none of which I answered.

At 10.46 she called again, I answered and told her that I was not interested in whatever it is she is trying to sell me and to please stop calling me.


Does Edgars really condone harassing their customers to this extent? This experience has put me off Edgars even more, their shops have nothing I want to buy, there is never anyone to assist you, should you find something you might like you have to stand in a forever queue to try it on and then another forever queue to pay for it. Their customer service SUCKS!


Not going back to Edgars – EVER!

Unsupported and disconnected

This has been an extremely frustrating and unproductive week. Today is Day 10 of trying to get my service provider to make changes to a domain I administer to enable an internet based mailing list.

In my dealings with my ISP I have probably been ”assisted” by every staff member in the call centre support department except the one that might actually understand what needs to be done and the implications of stuffing everything up.  As a result I have not been able to receive or send email on one of my business accounts and my clients think I have gone AWOL. It has been an endless round of “pass the buck”, fob her off with lies and untruths and the old “bullshit baffles brains” theory.

Today my son J got involved and as he is an IT boff he is able to view the back-end of the domain to check that they have made the correct changes but we are now waiting for the system to propagate whatever the hell that means.

So that is why I have been absent from the blogs and why a certain canine took advantage of my distraction and hijacked my blog, the young upstart. He has been given his marching orders “No squatting on my blog after Monday!”

In contrast to last weekend’s festivities in the way of OH’s 65th birthday party this weekend is looking decidedly dull.  All we have ahead of us are lots of errands / chores to fit into the business part of two days.

But back to the party. OH was delighted that a good friend had driven 250 km to celebrate with him. I let the details of the party unfold slowly as people arrived followed by the better-late-than-never caterers, but as it was a stunning evening everyone was happy to be outdoors until well after midnight. J made a very moving speech and got quite choked up which really touched OH. Three very good friends, one an old school friend of OH’s, made great speeches and OH was truly honoured by all the kind words.

Now I am going to climb into bed with the book I am currently reading, “World without End” by Ken Follet. It is all about the period leading up to and during the First World War and although it is a work of fiction, it is based on well researched historic facts. The narrative is proving to be an incredibly interesting social commentary on the differences between the gentry and the working classes as well as the status of women in both the upper and lower classes. The senseless brutality of war is well described and one cannot imagine how these same countries went to war again in 1939 just a generation later.  I’m getting near the end of the book but as it is the first of a trilogy there’s plenty more to come.

Night night Blogpeeps, have a great weekend J

Would you let this woman look after your children?

Kindergarten teacher put 19 kids in car

2012-10-12 09:33

Pretoria – A kindergarten teacher was fined by Pretoria metro police for transporting 19 toddlers in her car for an outing to a local Spur restaurant.
Melanie Minnie was pulled over by metro police after a worried member of the community saw the children spill out of Minnie’s Renault Clio in the parking lot of a local mall, reported Beeld.
The children were between the ages of 4 and 6.

“It was the first time that we went on an outing. And the last time,” said Minnie, who had clearly got a huge fright.

“I will never do it again. We are really a very nice crèche,” she said.
Rietfontein crèche was only about 1km from the shopping centre.

A metro police spokesperson said Minnie was fined for transporting more people in a car than it was able to seat.

Her car was able to seat five adults or one adult and eight toddlers.

Minnie was fined R1 500.

SERIOUSLY A R1 500 FINE – Are they for real?

And the Darwin Award goes to …

Man dies after cockroach-eating competition

Roaches are not known to be unsafe to eat

The winner of a cockroach-eating competition died shortly after eating dozens of the live insects and worms in Florida, authorities have said.

Edward Archbold, 32, became ill and collapsed at a pet shop where the contest took place in the city of Deerfield Beach on Friday.

About 30 others competed in the event at the Ben Siegel Reptile Store.

Officials are waiting for the results of an autopsy to determine Mr Archbold’s cause of death.

‘Unorthodox contest’

None of the other contestants became ill afterwards, the sheriff’s office said.

“We feel terribly awful,” said Ben Siegel, the owner of the shop.

“He looked like he just wanted to show off and was very nice,” he said, adding that Mr Archbold did not appear to be ill before the competition.

A lawyer for Mr Siegel said all the contestants had signed disclaimers “accepting responsibility for their participation in this unique and unorthodox contest”.

The grand prize for the winner was a python, and Mr Archbold had planned to sell the snake to a friend who took him to the contest, according to the shop owner.

Source: BBC News