A very Belated Update

Hello Blogpeeps

I had very good intentions of blogging when we got back from our cruise but it was just go, go, go to prepare for leaving for our holiday house as well as catching up with work. So I thought that once I got to our holiday house it would be easier but that did not work either because I still had work to catch up on and for some reason my internet connections here (using my Samsung S2 as a portable hot spot) was very poor and so slow it almost drove me insane. I did not want to add to the imminent insanity so I deferred my blogging for a better moment which hopefully is now.

The cruise was lovely, we both really enjoyed our time aboard. The Sinfonia is a good looking ship and very well maintained. The crew were friendly and helpful and the entertainment was outstanding. Our cabin was “bijou” but it did sport a king size double bed that was very comfortable. The bathroom “pod” is so small one could sit on the loo, wash your feet in the shower and brush your teeth at the basin at the same time but in spite of its very compact size it all worked well. The only disappointment was the food which was not all it is cracked up to be. Yes, there is loads of it and one could eat non-stop if that was the purpose of one’s cruise but the quality was inconsistent. Would we do it again?, absolutely! I loved being rocked to sleep at night and enjoying the fresh sea air during the daytime.

Here are some pics for those who are interested.

044 036


The pool deck, at times it was like being surrounded by Buddist monks with all the orange towels!




The theatre on board where we enjoyed excellent entertainment.



Early morning arrival in Cape Town, nothing like Table Mountain to welcome you home!

063 065


Fortunately our cruise was not affected by wind delays in the port but the following cruise was not so lucky, depending which way you look at it, they got an extra night on board because the wind was too strong for the ship to enter the port on its return.

Will try and blog again soon, if not, Merry Christmas to all my blog friends who celebrate this holy season. Blessings and Peace to you all.




I am sailing …

Tomorrow is OH’s last working day before he retires. Yesterday the whole company was called together and told that there were to be massive retrenchments and restructuring. This is a company that was taken over by an international company that is on a mission to buy and takeover other companies, wiping out the competition and firing people.  What a lovely Christmas these folk are going to have not knowing where they stand job wise. OH must have been the only one to leave that meeting feeling relieved that he is no longer going to have to deal with all the crap that goes on. At the moment he is probably the most envied person in the company.


Meanwhile I have had some disturbing news about possible restructuring by my major client which could seriously affect my business. If the proposals go ahead my situation will become untenable and will most likely hasten early retirement for me. This might not be a bad thing because we have made plans for five years hence when I was due to retire and we can bring those plans forward although financially we won’t be quite as strong but quality of life is more important to us.  We might even be able to take on a new venture and generate an income to supplement our retirement. I am not stressing about this, what will be, will be.  One door closes and another opens. As long as we have each other and our health we will be happy.


This could be my last blog post for a while because we leave on Monday for our cruise and the weekend is already packed with chores and stuff that we need to do. The weather in Cape Town is terrible at present and the port is windbound, hope it eases up by Monday.  A friend’s son is going to house and dog sit for Ozzy and Milo and hopefully they will behave themselves.  Milo has been on a mission lately to destroy our irrigation system and OH has had to effect repairs every evening when he gets home from work.  This is on top of me giving them filled hooves to try and keep Milo out of trouble when I have been out for an extended period.  He keeps going back to the same spots and I am trying to convince OH to smear wasabi paste on the piping there – am I being cruel or do you think it would be a good deterrent?


So take care bloggers, don’t shop till you drop while I am gone, will catch you on the other side of our cruise.