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You just gotta love Ralph channelling his inner teenager


Sleeping arrangements


Hello Blogpeeps

This is Ozzy sneaking onto Mom’s blog again. It’s darn difficult getting anything past Mom normally but for the last few weeks she has not been her usual observant self, and she keeps forgetting things and making mistakes and using language that’s enough to make me want to put my paws over Milo’s ears cos he’s still a puppy and really shouldn’t be subjected to such rough language.

Last week we went to our holiday home and it was Milo’s first visit. I quite liked having the little chap around to play with. He’s a very feisty little pup and did not seem to mind me tossing him around with my rather large paws.

The weather was not all that nice two days of rain and three days of wind but in the end Dad did take us out for a ride on the boat and Milo took that in his stride as well.

Part of what Mom’s stressing about is Dad’s birthday. He will be 65 on Saturday – if he was a dog that’s about 9 human years. Mom is organising a surprise party for him and trying to keep it a secret has been quite difficult. Luckily he is going to help my human brother and his wife (my favourite human apart from Mom and Dad) move business premises so that should keep him out of the way whilst Mom arranges things at home.

Now whilst I have grown to love Milo I think he loves me more. He always wants to cuddle up with me when I’m taking a nap. It’s not that I mind except I don’t think my bed is really big enough for the two of us and he seems to be outgrowing his bed too.




This is what I have to put up with, I know that Mom and Dad try and encourage Milo to sleep in his own bed he just prefers mine, even when I’m not in it!


Now all this cuddling business is giving me nightmares like this:

ImageIf anyone every caught me doing this they can have me certified as “Barking Mad”

But if I have to say it myself Milo is a neat little guy and I’m so glad that Mom and Dad got me a little brother to take care of.ImageMilo relaxing on the jetty on the one day the sun did shine – he looks quite at home don’t you think?

So that’s all from me for now, better lick my paw marks off the keyboard before Mom comes back.

Woof woof

Hello Blogpeeps

I have not had much time for blogging lately thanks to the demands / necessity of working for a living.  And also I have had nothing of interest to blog about 😦

This past weekend I decided to unpack my grocery cupboard, wipe down all the shelves and repack it without all the expired food.  What a clean out!  I can now easily see what we have and what we need. How long it will stay this way remains to be seen. OH is not allowed to pack away any groceries in case he messes up my system.

We took ourselves to the movies on Saturday to see Wuthering Heights. What a crap movie, most of it is shot in semi darkness so you can’t see what the actors are doing, the outside scenes take place mostly in driving rain and you can’t make out the dialogue for all the background noise. This movie has definitely done Yorkshire no favours at all. The screenplay was all over the place, seemed almost amateurish.

On Sunday after doing the ironing for the week I settled down in front of the TV and fire with a glass of red wine and some homemade cheese straws and biltong. It was great to just relax knowing that the chores were done. Ozzy lay stretched out in his bed in front of the fire and if stroked slowly from head to toe gave a huge sigh of absolute contentment 🙂

I have a heater going under my desk and Ozzy was almost on top of my feet earlier to try and catch some of the heaters warmth.

I have to attend a congress for two days this week so probably won’t have too much time to read blogs or post but wish you all a warm week.