Home Nursing and House Training

I am really getting into the swing of this home nursing thing now, have the medication, pillow arrangements, mealtimes, pee bottles and bed baths waxed. OH is feeling a little stronger and although he is not allowed out of bed he can move himself around on the bed with a lot more ease.

To get to the loo he uses an office chair on wheels and I wheel him into the bathroom and he is able to transfer himself to the toilet. To do this however he has to don his “moonboots” which he is convinced are a bad design in that he has to stop himself from falling over backwards. They have a wedge under the heel and this means he can only put his weight on his heels and not his toes. They were made in China and at first we thought that we had been given two left ones, but later worked out that the “L” was for Large.  Both fasten to the same side unlike normal shoes which fasten to the outside.

I must admit to feeling incredibly tired. It seems like I am constantly running from one job to another, between OH and Milo and the office, meals, tea and coffee for visitors I can hardly find 30 minutes to myself. Yesterday we had early visitors so the day started off at a real rush. They were in town for a wedding and had to drive back to their farm but still stayed until almost lunch time. The visit did OH a lot of good because he is very fond of this young lady and her husband. She has adopted OH as her Dad since her own father died suddenly in March this year and they have a very special relationship which fills a gap in both their lives. She needs a Dad and OH needs a daughter since his own will have nothing to do with us.

It’s very cold again here in Cape Town and both dogs are huddled next to the heater under my desk. Milo just loves warmth; the quickest way to get him to calm down from manic mode is to offer him heat. House training is going quite well although rainy weather does not help as he dislikes wet surfaces.  I have being doing some obedience training with him and he now knows that I have treats in my pockets so he comes very promptly when called and he definitely knows his name now.

Hope you bloggers all have a good week; I need to go and check in on my patient!