Ozzy airs the family’s dirty washing

Ozzy here again, Mom is so busy with washing and office work, she says it’s the price she has to pay for taking two days off, so I thought I would tell you a little about our weekend away.

We went to our holiday house on Friday, for me it really is a “holiday house” cos Mom and Dad do all the packing and unpacking of the car and once I have inspected the boundaries of our property I find a nice spot in the sun/shade and relax until supper time.

That’s me Ozzy relaxing in the sun

Mom & Dad were quite busy this time doing some woodwork and varnishing counter tops but I got my meals on time so I can’t complain.

On Sunday afternoon I heard Mom say to Dad that they had done enough work and she poured herself a glass of red wine and invited Dad to come and join her on the jetty in the sunshine. I don’t think Dad needed much persuasion and drink in hand he joined her on the bench. I went along too with some of my toys hoping they would play fetch with me but they were obviously far too relaxed. After a while Mom sent Dad back to the house for another glass of wine, and of course he came back with another drink for himself too. They sat there until the sun dipped below the hill behind the house and Mom said it was time to light the braai. This called for another drink. After they had eaten and had another drink Mom went to have a bath and Dad followed.

Mom was already in bed reading when Dad, freshly bathed, in his pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers opened the sliding door and went down to the jetty. I thought that pretty strange so I got out of bed and followed him.  It seems he dropped a spanner in the water earlier whilst doing some work on the jetty and now that it was low tide he decided it was a good time to retrieve it even though it was pitch dark.  So carefully he walks down a strip of grass that is exposed at low tide, spots the spanner and retrieves it. But as he was turning around to make his way back his feet slid out from underneath him and splash – there he was in the muddy water. His slipper boots just sucked up the mud, his torch sucked up the mud, his pjs and dressing gown sucked up the mud, honestly he looked like a swamp monster, good thing I can’t laugh out loud.  Now at this point I would like to make it clear that when I “play” in the mud I have to be showered off with the garden hose before I am allowed inside the house again. Dad left his muddy slippers, gown and pyjamas on the verandah and went inside shivering to try and get some sympathy from Mom. Mom just laughed, paid him no heed and continued to read. Maybe Dad had had too much to drink cos the next low tide was in the daylight.

When Mom saw his muddy slippers, gown and pjs on the verandah the next morning she just laughed again and Dad said it wasn’t so funny cos he had hurt his knee too and Mom said it is absolutely so funny and continued to made remarks about his muddy waders.

I guess in end though Dad got the last laugh, Mom has to wash his muddy clothes and his slippers are floating soaking in the pool.

Golden evening light on the river

Winter serenity – very few boats

Sunshine on Potberg

King of all I survey

Evening sky

Thought I would share some photos with you cos Mom might never get around to it.

Loving woofs to all my blogging friends.