Monday Ramblings

We really chilled over the weekend. Now that OH is more mobile he took over on Saturday morning to feed the dogs and keep an eye on Milo while I enjoyed a lie-in till 9.30 am. It felt fabulous to be able to get up when I felt ready to do so after weeks of being solely responsible for the household. After breakfast we watched some recorded TV and then OH decided that he was up to going out for supper.

We went to the Waterfront and he only had to walk a short distance to the elevator and then again to the restaurant where we had some great Indian Curry. We were back home quite early but OH was very tired and sore all over from the exertion. We worked out yesterday that it was not so much the distance he hobbled on his moonboots and crutches but that he was very tense in case people bumped into him and believe it or not two people came straight at him with their trolleys in spite of the crutches.

Sunday was his turn for a lie in while I did dog duty. I have to confess to opening the door to my office and putting the heater on for the dogs because it is the quickest way to calm them down. It worked a treat and I had a snooze on the couch till OH got up. After breakfast of bacon, cheese and croissants we watched some more recorded TV and enjoyed a little braai (barbeque for our overseas bloggers) in the spring sunshine. All that relaxation and lying around took its toll because I did not watch any TV last night but went off to bed early to read.  I quickly fell asleep but then woke again around 10.30 and could not get back to sleep so I picked up my Kindle and continued reading till nearly midnight.

We should have organised the gardener for yesterday but I am so demotivated because we have left things so late this year.  Half of our lawn is suffering from too much shade and too much mole activity. Our neighbours have allowed very ugly shrubs to become so tall that they block out most of the winter afternoon sun in our garden and the last time I asked if we could trim them down a bit it did not go down too well.  I cannot see what difference it would make to them as it would not affect their privacy in any way but I think he is jealous of our garden. When they first moved in he went to great pains to tell me that he is not a gardener and could not afford a garden like ours. Ours has taken over 30 years of hard work and is now suffering because of his damn trees!

We have made it a matter of principle to keep our trees in check and not allow them to interfere with telephone or power lines. A back neighbour has trees growing through and way above the power lines and when the wind blows very strongly the wires short and cut out our electricity. We reported this matter to council and they sent someone around to assess the situation but this man is such a pig that he refused to allow them access or to prune his trees. His swimming pool is a haven for pond life and the garden is always littered with dog mess that he and his family do not believe in picking up.

What a pity one can’t choose one’s neighbours …