Dreams, idiots and near misses

Here we are – Friday again with the promise of a warm weekend, if not summery weekend ahead.

I plan to visit the garden centre tomorrow for some inspiration and on Sunday when our gardener comes I will work alongside him for the first time in months. The garden is inundated with hairy caterpillars and snails. Far too much shade caused by neighbour’s overgrown shrubs that are now double the height of their roof.  This is something I want to address with him as I’d like to offer that the gardener under my supervision reduces the height by at least half to give my lawn a chance of producing more than just winter grass and weeds.

Yesterday I was on my way to collect OH from work when an idiot jumped in front of my car. Yes I mean an idiot/a-hole and I did mean jumped.  He was on the sidewalk and I saw him look at me and the next thing he jumps into the road right in front of me.  Fortunately for him and me my new car has wonderful brakes otherwise he would not have escaped without injury. When I came to a stop he was right in the middle of my car and I think we did make some form of contact he was so close.

When I arrived to collect OH I asked him to check the front of the car for damage but fortunately there was none.  I was completely shaken up by the experience. It is the first time in decades of driving that I have come so close to actually knocking someone over.

So here’s a question for fellow bloggers: Do you ever dream about something and then weeks later dream about the thing you dreamt about before actually happening and recognise in your dream that you dreamt about it before?

If that’s too complicated here’s an example in point form:

  1. I dream that a function that I arrange annually turns into a total disaster when the guest of honour is late and there are far too many no-shows.
  2. I dream a few weeks later that I am at the function and everything is going wrong, not only are there no-shows but people are getting up to leave after only half an hour. I remember in my dream that I dreamt that this would happen.

On the subject of dreams I often dream repeatedly about the same non-existent (in real life) places. I often dream I am at boarding school (I never ever went to boarding school). Some dreams are so involved and detailed that it’s hard to accept that it was a dream and not reality.

I would be interested to know if others dream as much as I do (every night’s an adventure) and if they remember as much detail afterwards.  Sometimes the detail is not there when I wake up but comes to me during the course of the day.

Have a great weekend blogfriends.