Ozzy is fooled once again

Hello Bloggers and Blogdogs, Ozzy here sneaking a post whilst Mom’s back is turned.

I just have to tell you all what was done to me this morning. The indignity, the deception, the bribery, oh my doggy soul I have been fooled once again.

I should have twigged when Mom started collecting my blankets from my bed and kennel and put my bed in pieces out in the sun. I should have twigged when she put me and Milo out the front door and I saw her picking up my lead as the door closed on us.

Naturally she did not want me to see her collecting towels, shampoo etc. When she called us in again Milo was kept in the kitchen and I was invited through to the bathroom. The moment my eyes fell on the scene before me I knew what was to come. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and in slipped P, who comes to clean every Friday. P is another of my favourite people and always gives me a good old hug when she arrives so I was most upset at her being part of this ambush. To think that they thought that placing treats on the edge of the bath and right around to the other side of the bath would entice me to climb in of my own accord – over my dead body!

With P’s help Mom got me into the bath even though I put up a bit of a fight and hooked my lead onto a hook so I could not go anywhere. I tell you I shook and shivered in fearful anticipation of what was to come. I heard the water start running and stubbornly refused to be enticed by the treat that P was offering me.

Then Mom started showering me with warm water and to tell the truth, it was quite pleasant, even though I don’t like to admit it. Then Mom and P started to rub shampoo into my fur in, I am ashamed to say, a rather nice massaging way, damn I was starting to enjoy this bath business. When all of me had been scrubbed, massaged and rinsed again with warm water Mom threw a big dry towel over my body and rubbed me dry. Mom and P then stood back and suggested that I get myself out of the bath. Well OK, now they know I can jump out they will expect me to jump in all by myself next time but before I jumped out I turned around and ate all the remaining treats on the far side of the bath even if they were a bit waterlogged.

Now all my bedding has gone into the washing machine and all the familiar smells will be replaced by the too clean smell of Skip.  I suppose this is all for my own good but a big boy like me has got to put up some sort of protest at being bathed, don’t want anyone to think that I am a sissy.