Blasted out of shops

Why do we have shops? Is it just to create employment or to provide their customers with goods and services?

I ask because more and more I find myself driven out of shops because of the awful loud music assaulting my ears. I’ve come to the conclusion that the music is to keep the staff happy and too bad if the customers find it unbearable.


Yesterday I was shopping for a gift at the Waterfront, two out of the three shops specialising in soaps, lotions and pamper treatments were pumping club style music into their shops. In the first shop I could not hear what the sales assistant was saying and asked for the music to be turned down, she went away and came back asking if it was better but there was no discernable difference so I walked out. I just walked in and out of the other shop when I heard the same type of loud music blaring away. I would have thought that soothing music would be a more appropriate choice for their product range but the music is clearly for the benefit of the young staff not their more mature customers.

Not everyone has perfect hearing and loud background noises make it difficult for people with hearing aids as well. And that goes for screaming kids too. I am not against kids in restaurants, just those whose screeches have the ability to shatter crystal at 5 metres. If you have that type of kid please don’t inflict him or her on other diners, some of us actually want to have a conversation with our dining companions without your little darling’s accompaniment, trust me, it’s not music to our ears!

While on a retail rant, our local PnP has drawn criticism and complaints for months on Facebook for a variety of reasons –stock availability, rude staff, even ruder shelf packers, cleanliness, the list goes on. Every complaint receives the same auto response about how our business is important to them and our complaints will be investigated. Nearly a year later nothing has changed and more and more people are shopping elsewhere. Lower demand leads to even lower stock levels and more stock outs and more complaints. I seriously wonder if there is anyone in management there with a couple of brain cells and the will to actually sort this Cinderella store out.