Advertisers, who’s your target market?

The latest television advertisement for Handy Andy Cream has me wondering who the product’s target market actually is. If they are aiming the product at pre-teens then their message might still be credible but most adult women know that fairy tales are just that … fairy tales.

What woman wants a prince on horseback to arrive at her castle and show her how to clean it? For heaven’s sake, an adult woman can find better use for a prince on horseback, like most women she has probably already kissed her fair share of frogs.

And then there’s the Comfort Fabric Softener advert with all those silly animated people floating around blissfully because their clothes smell so good even after hours and hours of wear … Really?

I know that in these enlightened times it’s not just women who do housework and laundry but I don’t think these ads were aimed at men either.

So do the advertising intelligentsia really believe that woman make purchase decisions based on such inane adverts or do they think our pre-teen children tell us what to buy?

Then there’s the totally ridiculous advertisement for something I cannot remember because the irritation level of the ad blocks out the message where the little boy in the back seat of the car loses his ice cream from the cone and his mother says “Don’t worry Nunu, mommy will just have to buy a new car”!

I definitely build up resistance to the brands that insult my intelligence in this way and I am sure I am not alone.

The ad agencies who get paid mega bucks to come up with these really pathetic attempts at marketing should hang their heads in shame.

I tried to find Youtube videos of these ads but they have not even made it there.