Vintage Cars, Wine tasting, Mountains and Milo


We had a wonderful weekend, and knowing that we will be  housebound for the next three to four weeks as OH recovers from  his op tomorrow made it all the better.

On Friday evening we enjoyed the “7 Wonders” at the Barnyard Theatre and caught up on family news with my cousin and her husband who farm in the Porterville area but came in for the show.

On Saturday morning we had to take Milo back to DARG for his follow-up inoculation and the staff were delighted to see how he had grown and progressed. He took his injection without complaint and then we stopped at a local cafe in Hout Bay for cappuccinos and scones. This is a dog friendly place and the owner was quite happy that Milo slept on the cushioned seat next to us while we enjoyed the excellent scones.

Back home we took Ozzy and Milo out onto the field in front of our house and Ozzy did his usual manic galloping up and down the field, he really enjoys stretching his legs and it is a delight to see him move like that. We kept Milo on the lead and then put Ozzy on his lead too and walked both dogs across the field. At first Milo resisted the lead but quickly caught on and followed his big brother Ozzy.

With both dogs well exercised we settled down to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics that we had recorded the night before. We were interrupted by our son who above all things wanted to borrow my sewing machine and his Dad’s jigsaw for a project he and his wife are busy with. So for a change I had to teach him how to do something, i.e. use the sewing machine, including threading, refilling the bobbin etc. instead of him teaching me computer stuff. He caught on very quickly and after he left we resumed watching the opening ceremony. It must have been divided into two halves because we did not get the end of it which was disappointing but nevertheless the beginning was fabulous and very well done.

Sunday morning we were up early and off to Franschoek for a visit to the Motor Museum at L’Ormarins. This was a “Daddy’s Deal” that I had bought for OH as a Father’s Day present and it included wine tasting and a platter as well as a ride in an old car. The weather could not have been better, brilliant sunshine and about 25 degrees. We had to take Milo with us because he is still having three meals per day and they were very accommodating about that. The vehicles themselves are magnificent, it is an awesome collection, all in beautiful condition and OH really enjoyed looking at them.

A beautiful old Mercedes Benz

There’s that Merc again!

The mountain views were stunning against the clear blue skies

See how I’ve grown – Milo enjoying the sunshine and green grass

This lot alone are probably worth over R100 million Rand!

We then found a table in the shade on the terrace and were presented with our “Ploughman’s Platter”. It was HUGE!  Lots of different delicious cheeses, whole-wheat and white bread, cold meats, olives, gherkins, figs and a mustard mayo as well as lovely little lavender shortbread biscuits. We did our best but there was no way we could finish it. The wine tasting was extensive, I lost count of how many different wines we tasted, they just kept coming and we did find two that we really liked so we bought some to bring home.

While we were eating Milo had his lunch and then curled up in his bed which we had taken along. He was so good and made lots of new friends with people especially children who just can’t resist a puppy!

After coffee we were ready for our car ride in a 1948 Hudson. I opted to sit in the back so that OH could have the front passenger seat. OMG it was a two door vehicle and getting in the back was not easy, there was hardly any legroom. Getting out was even more difficult and I wished our driver had not pulled up right in front of the entrance to the complex because my exit was definitely not ladylike or dignified.

The Hudson and our driver

We put Milo in his bed on the back seat of the car and took a drive through the bustling town of Franschoek. There is so much to see there it is definitely worth a day trip of its own. Back in Cape Town we popped in to friends of ours to introduce Milo to them and their Jack Russell and it was not long before Milo and Lulu were romping around the garden having a great time together. This was good to see because they often join us at our holiday home and it’s great if the dogs all get on because then they all get to have a holiday too.

Tomorrow OH has to be at the hospital at 6.00 am so it will be an early start for us. He has to stay in hospital for two nights and will be on strict bed rest for at least two weeks. If I don’t find time to blog much I am sure you will realise why. My hands are going to be full with nursing him, taking care of Milo and trying to get some work done too.