Wet dogs and warm fires

Hello Blogpeeps

It is once again wet, windy and cold and Cape Town and looks set to continue like this right through to next weekend.

It’s not all bad though as it provides lots of reading, relaxing and television watching time.

We made a mistake this past Saturday – we went to the SPCA to look for a dog/puppy to adopt. All the adult dogs were sopping wet and caked in dirt, you just could not WANT to pick them up. They all looked so pitiful but to be honest in those conditions you really cannot assess the dogs at all. Some were shivering; some were barking madly, some looked at us with mournful eyes begging to be given a nice dry home. It upset poor OH so much, he’s a real softie when it comes to the way animals are looked after. I know it was raining but it would not take much to have some kind of tarpaulin that they could pull over the “outside” section of the kennels so that the dogs did not have to get wet.  So no decision was made, we filled out the forms and still want to adopt but none of the dogs we saw really drew us in.

On Sunday I was looking at puppies for sale on Gumtree and found a Maltese puppy just around the corner from us.  I called up and we went to look but were appalled at the way the puppy was being looked after. It was only 6 weeks old and being fed on milk and bread. When I asked to see the parents it was quite apparent that the mother was definitely not a Maltese although the father may have been. They were being kept outside in a tiny damp box – it was pouring with rain. The mother was clearly not interested in feeding her remaining puppy even though the little thing cried when she saw her mother and tried to latch on. The other 3 puppies from the litter had already been sold. They were asking R1 000 for this crossbreed.  We left quite disgusted that people could treat their animals like that so for now Ozzy remains an “only” dog.

It was so cold Sunday morning that we lit the fire before we had even had breakfast much to Ozzy’s delight. I don’t know how much wood we burned up by the evening but it sure was nice and cosy. I also made a pot of Carrot, Sweet Potato, Coriander, Chilli and Ginger Soup which proved to be a great belly warmer.

It was great to have Downton Abbey on television again last night – it is such a great series.

Have a good week everyone and keep warm and dry.