Understanding Introverts

I previously did a post on Extroverts and Introverts because I am most definitely an introvert. I like people but in small doses. Communal living would be my idea of hell. I guard my personal space and value having time to myself. So when I came across this rather clever explanation of Introverts I thought I would share it.


I think it sums us Introverts up rather well. What do you all think?


4 thoughts on “Understanding Introverts

  1. Hugging you today, from 10 paces back…heehee…

    Seriously a wonderful post as was your description of introvert/extroverts is. I did live communally in my late teens and didn’t like it then which was no doubt my most extroverted time of my life.
    I’m a definite combo of both, with strong leanings towards being an introvert. I find myself getting cranky if I am not able to find time to be alone. It s a time when I refuel for those short burst of extroverted time.

    Lovely post optie. ~

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